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Become an Active Listener on our app

Are you looking for a way to give back to others? Do you want to use your lived experience and knowledge to help provide support to others? If the answer is yes, we'd love you to join us!
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Becoming an Active Listener

Who are our Active Listeners?

Active Listeners are here to provide personalised, empathetic and goal-orientated support when you need it. They are your peers who have personal lived experience and can empathise with the challenges you face.​

But, anyone can become an Active Listener on the VOH app! Our Active Listening Courses will help up-skill you to provide support on our mobile app, and we have put the easy steps for this below.
Courses & Learning

Easy Steps to Becoming a VOH Active Listener

All Active Listeners are required to complete our Active Listening Training Course and our supplementary course to train you on the specifics of providing support on our mobile app.

Enrol in our Active Listening Training Course

Whether you are an experienced Active Listener already or have no experience, your starting point is to enrol and begin completing our Active Listening Training Course.

Use the button below to head to the course page:

Complete the course to receive your Certificate of Completion

Once you have worked your way through the course and completed all the lessons within each module you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

You're now one step closer to your Active Listener journey and should be proud of getting to this point!

Enrol and complete our supplementary course

We have a supplementary course called "Being an Active Listener on the VOH App" that furthers your learning to provide the additional skills for supporting others online.

Voice of Health encourages community and group learning, which is why we have included a group learning webinar as part of this course to help you learn alongside like-minded individuals.

Switch your account to an Active Listener

Once you have completed both courses, your participation and answers will be reviewed by the team, then you're ready to be an Active Listener!

It will then be as simple as entering your certificate number from the supplementary course into the app to switch your account over to an Active Listener.