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Accessible Online Peer Support

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Access peer support for your lived experience anytime

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We remove the barriers you face when seeking support for your mental well-being

When we are listened to, we can feel understood. That is the power of peer support.


Belong to a community that seeks to change mental health forever.

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Access peer support for your lived experience anytime

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We Connect You With Active Listeners

We provide a space where you can express yourself, feel understood and work through your difficulties in the company of a caring Active Listener.

With Voice of Health there will always be someone to  empathise and listen to you.

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Meet Our Active Listeners

Who are the Active Listeners?


Active Listeners are here to provide personalised, empathetic and goal-orientated support when you need it. Active Listeners are your peers who have personal lived experience and can empathise with the challenges you face.

All Active Listeners are required to successfully complete our Active Listening Training Course and personally meet with Voice of Health before they provide you with support.

What impact can they have?

  • Empathise and help you feel understood

  • Someone you can trust and confide in when you need it most

  • Boost your self-esteem, confidence and motivation

  • Build stronger relationships and reduce feelings of loneliness

  • Educate you to better self-manage your mental well-being

  • Add a supplement to your ongoing support


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As a User you will have access to

Active Listeners

Talk 24/7 with trusted Active Listeners who will be there to listen, support and guide you towards your goals.

Empathetic Support

Belong to a community where you can give and receive support from people who understand you.


We respect and value your privacy and so we provide you with the option to scale your anonymity while you build up your confidence.



Gain useful tools and resources that are personalised to assist you to self manage your mental health.


Want to become an Active Listener?

Our highly dynamic, practical, interactive and free Active Listener training equips you with the skills that ensure you provide the best possible support.




You deserve access to support regardless of where you are, what you are doing, your abilities or culture.



In your busy life you don't always have the time to go and sit down with someone to talk, so we bring them to you instead.



Too many services will make you pay lots of money before you know if they are worth it, so we made it transparent and affordable.



We securely store all user to Active Listener communication and adhere to professional and ethical codes regarding confidentiality.


Stigma Free

Social platforms these days contribute to the unhealthy stigmas in society. We have removed those in our community.


Multi-Level Support

Receive support the way you want to. We provide you with the option to choose what best meets your needs.

Voice of Health - Active Listening Training Course

Active Listening 

Active Listening is one of the greatest skills to achieve true empathy.


Active Listening can provide someone struggling with tremendous value by enabling them to work on their own difficulties in the company of a caring empathic listener.


Our free Active Listening Training Course will teach you everything you need to know about this important skill.

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“It’s a place where you can feel comfortable just talking about what’s going on, and what you’ve been through, and you can feel secure and not feel scared that people will judge you, because they’ve been through the same thing and will be supportive. It’s a comfortable environment.”

Amelia J.

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You deserve to have control of your mental health and we want to give it you.

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