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About Us

Voice of Health is a preventative mental health organisation that has developed a platform in the form of a mobile app that provides a safe place where users can talk one-on-one with a trained Active Listener who understands them, utilise well-being tools and develop strategies to self-manage your own mental well-being.

Voice of Health attends to the need for an effective preventative mental health solution in the Australian and global community. We value the importance of lived experience, empathy, power of perspective and self-managing your mental well-being.


A number of other barriers exist that prevent people from seeking support for their mental health. These include availability of healthcare professionals, location, time, financial restrictions, stigma concerns, preference to self-manage, physical challenge or disability. We are here to eliminate those barriers.


Our preventative mental health solution offers greater convenience, accessibility, affordability, scalability and support while never letting go of the human element that cannot be replaced by technology.