Voice of Health is a social platform that provides a community of support and a preventative mental health solution. We are a profit for purpose company that builds greater social connectivity, belonging and personal empowerment. We have built a place where people can learn and share with others, talk without fear of judgement, develop strategies, build trust and promote continuous self-management of their mental health and well-being.


Voice of Health attends to an inherent need for an effective preventative mental health solution in Australia and the global community. Voice of Health’s platform bridges the widening gap between individuals who are currently living in silence and those who are seeking full professional support for their mental health concerns.


Times are changing and the traditional system of going to see a psychologist or counsellor is becoming more difficult. Research has found that one common reason for people to not seek help is the thought that they would be “bothering mental health services,” or taking resources away from those in greater need. As a result, many people try and often fail to deal with their mental health concerns on their own.


A number of other barriers exist that prevent people from seeking support for their mental health. These include availability of healthcare professionals, location, time, financial restrictions, stigma concerns, preference to self-manage, physical challenge or disability. We are here to eliminate those barriers.


Our preventative mental health solution offers greater convenience, accessibility, affordability, scalability and support while never letting go of the human element that cannot be replaced by technology.

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‚ÄčIf you are currently in a life threatening situation or are seeking professional psychological or psychiatric advice that you intend to rely on - please use these resources to get immediate help.

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