About Us

We believe in equitable access

Our Mission is to leverage the power of human lived experience and technology to create the world’s most accessible mental wellbeing solution.
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Who Are We

About Us

Voice of Health is a preventative mental health organisation that has developed a platform in the form of a mobile app that provides a safe place where users can talk one-on-one with a trained Active Listener who understands them, utilise well-being tools and develop strategies to self-manage your own mental well-being.​

Voice of Health attends to the need for an effective preventative mental health solution in the Australian and global community. We value the importance of lived experience, empathy, power of perspective and self-managing your mental well-being. A number of other barriers exist that prevent people from seeking support for their mental health. These include availability of healthcare professionals, location, time, financial restrictions, stigma concerns, preference to self-manage, physical challenge or disability.

We are here to eliminate those barriers. Our preventative mental health solution offers greater convenience, accessibility, affordability, scalability and support while never letting go of the human element that cannot be replaced by technology.
1 in 5
Individuals suffer from a mental health concern
Won't Access Support due to the barriers that exist
What We Teach

Our Methodology

Think back to a time when you were in a conversation and you found yourself wondering if the other person was really listening to you or if your message was getting across the way you wanted it to? How did it make you feel? What would you have changed?

On the other hand, picture a person in your life that you love talking to? Is that person someone you feel like really listens and absorbs your words?

Without even realising it you are naturally going to be drawn towards the people in your life who listen to you. Being a better listener makes you a better friend, loved one, peer, employee and stranger in every way. It helps build patience, fosters trust and resilience, makes those involved feel valued, creates more visibility, and minimises space for misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Active Listening is perhaps one of the greatest secrets to true empathy. At its core, its purpose is to encourage the person talking to put their total focus and attention on themselves and how they feel. It can provide someone struggling with tremendous value, as it allows them to navigate their own difficulties. When someone feels listened to and understood, it lifts an emotional burden.

As an Active listener you empower the speaker to greater self-esteem and self-awareness simply through your willingness to listen them. Too often, instead of providing empathy, we tend to give advice or reassurance and explain our own position and feelings.

Active Listening, on the other hand, requires us to concentrate on the other person’s message, giving them time and space to express themselves fully. Even when you can see the best course of action for a person, it’s far more powerful to help them reach their own solutions. Give them uninterrupted space, letting them know you're there for them and willing to provide them the time they need to slow down, process internally and gain clarity.
1 in 3
People accessing support lines just want someone to confide in
Currently enrolled in our Active Listening Training
Why We Do It

Our Values

Committed to making a positive impact, these values guide every aspect of our work, shaping our unwavering commitment to fostering and enhancing mental wellbeing for all.


Everyone deserves equitable access to support and mental wellbeing resources. We believe in eliminating the barriers that exist.


We believe empathy is the key to drastically improve the lives of others, strengthen relationships and transform the way we communicate.


Our strategies are tailored around the individual needs, perspectives and intersectionality of a person. We believe in providing human-centred solutions.


Active listening is at the core of our organisation as it provides an overwhelming opportunity to support and empower others.
What's Important To Us

Embracing Diversity

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that welcomes and values individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds. Recognising the strength in diversity, we work diligently to create spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

We embrace people of all ethnicities, religions, national origins, sexualities and gender diversity, as we equally value and appreciate all individuals.

Our inclusivity extends beyond the boundaries of human diversity to the diversity of bodies and abilities, acknowledging that each person brings unique experiences and perspectives to the table. We strive to create an accessible and supportive environment that considers the varying physical and mental abilities of all members. We encourage our all of community to embrace this ethos as well.
Turning our vision into reality

Leadership Team

Our philosophy is simple — we love passionate people and foster a culture that empowers everyone and cultivates a fulfilling work environment.
James Hatchman, Founder CEO & CPO of Voice of Health
James Hatchman
Founder, CEO & CPO
He believes in normalising mental health and innovating towards a new paradigm of mental well-being that inspires, empowers and helps as many people as possible.
Minon Weerasinghe, Head of Development & CTO at Voice of Health
Minon Weerasinghe
Head of Development, CTO
He believes in giving back to society through the knowledge he has acquired and being a part of something special has always been his dream and mission in life.