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Active Listening
Training Course

We are determined to help you become a better listener! Our evidence-based training is designed to teach you all the important areas to develop in order to be a valuable Active Listener.
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Active Listening Training Course

Active Listening is one of the greatest secrets to true empathy

The impact of Active Listening can provide someone who is struggling with tremendous value. It enables them to navigate their own difficulties in the company of a caring empathic listener.

When someone feels heard and understood, an emotional burden is lifted and they feel supported. Through trust and empathy we can begin to make the greatest impact.
Active Listening Training Course


You are someone who has been struggling in silence or you are someone looking for guidance. Now imagine there is a safe place where you have someone to listen, understand and empathise with you.

Active Listening helps you provide a space where others can feel safe to share, build their confidence, find their voice and make a positive change in their life.
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Learn at your own pace

Self-Paced Learning is designed to let you work at your own pace, so that you feel confident, comfortable and motivated to learn.

We understand it can be hard to find the time and that you have other commitments. Self-Paced Learning offers you the flexibility to learn when it suits you.
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Active Listening Training Course

What you will learn

Voice of Health's Active Listener training is designed to up-skill you in a number of key areas. We want you to be able to take care of yourself, and also make sure you feel confident when communicating with others.

Module 1: Introduction to Active Listening

In this introductory module, we will explore the concept of Active Listening, a vital communication skill that goes beyond merely hearing the words spoken by others, and demonstrate its importance to your personal growth.

Module 2: Developing Trust, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

This module embarks on a journey of cultivating trust, fostering empathy, and enhancing emotional intelligence as stepping stones towards becoming a more effective listener. You will explore multiple techniques for establishing trust, and dive into the different levels of listening that we encounter.

Module 3: Crafting a Thoughtful Question

This module will guide you in understanding the significance of crafting appropriate questions, an essential tool for assisting transformation, growth and perspective change. You will explore how to begin a shift from advice-giving to generating expansive questions, and learn their capacity for initiating goal-oriented dialogues.

Module 4: Understanding Motivation and The Power of Perspective

This module dives deep into the art of understanding people's motivations and learn how they influence an individuals thoughts, behaviours, and feelings. You will delve into the profound effects of trauma on perspectives, how they can shift viewpoints, examine the hold that negative perspectives can have on an individual's worldview and how we, as Active Listeners, can play a role in illuminating alternative viewpoints.

Module 5: Common Barriers and Enhancing Your Communication

The focus of this module will be on the mitigation of common barriers to effective communication and on the improvement of your communication capabilities. You will learn aspects of maintaining focus, offering feedback, holding off judgment, and analyze the influence of non-verbal cues like body language, voice tone, and facial signals in manifesting comprehension and attentiveness.
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Active Listening Training Course

What's included and how is it delivered?

We understand everyone learns differently, which is why our training integrates multiple learning styles.

We are always working towards improving your learning experience to be more interesting and enjoyable by including:
On-Demand Self-Paced Training
Scenario Based Learning
Informative Explanation Videos
Resources & Handouts
Peer Discussion & Contribution
Certificate of Completion as a Certified Active Listener
Active Listening Training Course
Don’t just take our word for it
Here are some wonderful testimonials from our amazing community members:
"Active Listening will change the world!"
Voice of Health is an excellent resource for health and wellness. This training will revolutionize our world. Active listening training will impact they way we interact with one another. It is a must for every person!
- Stacy Pringle
"Highly Informing and well structured course"
This is a very useful, highly educational and informing course suitable for anyone in the mental health industry. The content and structure is well thought out!
- Sharon Ng
"Thorough, yet easy to follow and absorb"
I enjoy the ease of learning, understanding and getting through each module within my own time and pace. I like that each module and section isn't overcomplicated. It is easy to follow and enjoyable. It makes the learning process fun.
- Jenny Karakaya
"Great Active Listening Course"
Excellent course with the appropriate balance of reading, video and questionnaires to check understanding! Very happy!
- Helen Snowball
"This should be taught in schools!"
Valuable information that I wish I knew when I was younger. I would have had much better relationships if I would have applied Active Listening.
- by Mihaela Zaharia
"Such Insightful Training!"
Was an insightful course, I enjoyed learning. Key takeaways were: how important listening, questioning and having empathy towards others is!!!
- Yjayanthi Rao
"Good practical and emotional tips for listening"
I enjoyed this course for its practicality and the interactive nature. A definite recommendation for anyone wanting to improve listening skills in any setting.
- Wendy Sensenig
"Excellent Course!"
Better than I expected! I was pleasantly astonished at the content. Exceptional! Thank you providing a thorough training. I personally think there should be a downloadable version of the entire course for reference. Bravo!
- Denetra Wallace
This course helped me to reflect more deeply on how I listen to others. I have gained more insights and knowledge about where I can make changes to be a better listener.
- Elle Laikve
"Great course!"
I have learned a lot by taking this course! I will use what I have learned to better help people in my daily life.
- Alice Hart
"Gave me even further insight!"
I have been learning "active listening" till today, however, this session still gave me a new perspectives! Great learning. :)
- Sandy Saito
Active Listening Training Course
Long story short, people love it
Our online training platform continues to be celebrated as a popular choice among learners. Our commitment is to deliver a thoughtful training experience, and honour the underlying trust and confidence that our community has in us.

The immensely positive feedback and overwhelming participation are truly a testament to our teams love for the values this training represents and our passion to share it with individuals from around the world.
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Active Listening Training Course

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Does Voice of Health provide any other training?
Currently, Voice of Health's flagship course is the Active Listening Training Course, with a supplementary course for becoming an Active Listener on our mobile app.

However, we are in the process of developing some exciting new training courses that will be available soon!

We also offer customised training and workshops for organisations interested including, but not limited, to the following topics:

- How to Demonstrate Empathy and Communicate effectively with peers.
- Build trust through Active Listening and how to have non-judgemental conversation.
- Craft a thoughtful question when self-reflecting and supporting peers
- Leverage the power of perspective to support your own mental health
- Help self-identify your own mental health challenges and feel empowered to seek professional support
- Develop good habits to reflect and improve their mental health and well-being continuously.
And many more!

Feel free to email us at to enquire.
What languages is the course presented in?
At this stage the course is only delivered in English, however we are working hard on expanding this to other languages.

If there is a language you would like to request that the training be translated in then we would love your feedback! Contact us via to let us know.
Is there a time limit to how long I have to complete the course once I have started?
There is no time limit to complete the training course as we understand that everyone learns at their own pace and in their own way. Once you have enrolled in the course you can take your time to complete the course.
What will I learn from the Active Listening Training course?
There are so many wonderful things you will learn from the course. Our course is designed to be for everyone and is taught in a self-reflective way that means you will learn a valuable set of life skills regardless of your situation.

If you do plan on becoming an Active Listener, once you have completed the Active Listening Training Course, you will have access to our supplementary course to help you become an Active Listener on our app. The supplementary training is dedicated to the Active Listener role, requirements and expectations.
Will I receive proof of completion for finishing the course?
Yes, absolutely! Once you have successfully completed the training you will receive a personalised Certificate of Completion.
What are the prerequisites for enrolling?
None! Anyone can enrol in our training and become an Active Listener, whether you want to learn valuable skills for yourself or to support others, we welcome you!

Enrol today and join the community of other amazing individuals implementing Active Listening into their lives.
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