Safe Hands by VOH

So what is Safe Hands?

Safe Hands Peer Support App is an initiative of Voice of Health that we have been working on for quite some time now. It is a peer support mobile app that provides online support specifically to all the incredible Emergency Service, Defence Personnel and Volunteers that provide and protect others in times of crisis and continuously in their day-to-day operations.

How does it work?

We are developing a unique online mobile peer support service that allows these individuals to reach out and speak to others who have had a similar lived experience. Empathy is the key for these individuals, and finding someone who can relate to their experience is an essential part of their recovery and mental health self-management.

First Look at Safe Hands App Mock Designs

The trauma and stress experienced by these personnel can last a lifetime and we are privileged to support them on their journey.  We are remembering that these service people put their lives and wellbeing on the line for the sake of our communities.

With your continued support and pledges we aim to expand and provide a service to other affected personnel and individuals in communities and also be the safe hands they need.

There is an extraordinary amount of support to help rebuild the infrastructure and services in the communities affected by the bushfires.

Safe Hands is here to help support and re-build the well- being of those who have so courageously volunteered and donated their time. The fires continue to rage but long after all this crisis is over, the fearless individuals who have protected us and put their lives at risk will live with the mental stress imposed by their daily duties and this disaster.

We will stand by them to give them the support they need. Talking to their peers and being able to voice these traumas to others who can empathise with them is an essential part of their mental health self-management. Help us bring this to them with Safe Hands, a Free Peer Support App for Emergency Services, Defence Personnel and Volunteers.

Please check out the GoFundMe Page:

Additionally, head to the website for more information and an introduction to what we want to create for these incredible individuals,

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