Our Latest Webinar For Hub Australia

A big thanks to Hub Australia Collins for the fantastic opportunity to present our "Thoughtful Questioning & Active Listening" Webinar for the Hub community. It was such a pleasure to connect and provide members with useful skills to help themselves and support others. A special thanks to the wonderful Sasha Walters for making this happen.

This webinar concentrated on the skills required to become a better Active Listener and the power in being able to craft a thoughtful question when it comes to our own self-reflection, supporting others or incorporating into the way we conduct our business.

We can't wait until the next one!

For those who would like to complete our Active Listener training or become an Active Listener on the VOH App, head to the following link: https://voiceofhealthtraining.thinkific.com/

Additionally, if you would like to talk to an Active Listener who is there to listen and support you then we encourage you to download the VOH App using this link: https://apple.co/3fdOgWg

Lastly, if you are looking for an incredible co-working space with an even better community then Hub Australia is the perfect option. Head to their website to find a space that suits you: https://www.hubaustralia.com/

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