Pitch Night! Monash Seed Incubator

It all began just over two months ago at the very first induction session for the Monash Seed Incubator. The team from Voice of Health entered a room full of people who wanted to make a impact on the world. From that day, we knew these were people we wanted to be around.

We then embarked on a number of fantastic workshops run by some amazing facilitators, hosted in the amazing space provided in Melbourne's CBD by The Foundation for Young Australians. We want to say a big thank you to Gordan Chan from World Vision, Isaac Jeffries, Eugene Healey from PUSH Collective, Kartik Iyer from Small Giants and Demetrio Zema from Law Squared who all hosted some very insightful workshop sessions.

These workshops helped us refine our entire platform and helped us really polish any areas of our business that needed it. It allowed Voice of Health to surround itself with independent thinkers whose minds were already geared towards making a difference in the world.

It then all came down to the finale, Pitch Night! We were lucky enough to have it held in the awesome co-working space One Roof in Southbank. There was a delicious array of foods, drinks and even prizes given away throughout the night. The crowd was also blessed to have a fantastic guest speaker, Christy Hildyard who enlightened us about the amazing work her organisation Grace Pads does educating and providing African women with the resources and knowledge in sanitary & female health and well-being. A big thank you has to also go to Zoe Kerwin, Yvanah Hernandez, Jordan Nicholson and Shara Lim from Monash Seed who organised everything throughout the program and the night!

Lastly, the other teams involved, you guys are amazing! All the Pitches on the night were fantastic and we loved seeing your ideas grow from the start into the amazing results at the end! We also enjoyed seeing each of you grow as people and watching your minds at work. The teams from Grind, Project Ink, Holmes and Our Big Ideas, you guys are awesome and we hope that moving into the future we can be a part of your journey! So much love and support in this program that we hope inspires you to make an impact!

Voice of Health Founders - James Hatchman & Luke Karabatsos

Voice of Health Founders - James Hatchman & Luke Karabatsos

Founders of Holmes App

Founders of Grind Recycling

Christy Hildyard - Guest Speaker & Co-Founder of Grace Pads

Founders of Our Big Ideas

Founders of Project Ink

Facilitators from Monash Seed - Zoe Kerwin & Yvanah Hernandez

The beautiful space provided by One Roof as the first audience members began arriving

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