“You’ll never influence the world by being just like it”

Can’t someone be quiet, toil around their own works and love being alone? Yes, that’s a reflection of me. I’m one of those people who doesn’t enjoy socialising much, loves being alone, sitting next to the window listening to my favourite playlist, then having a good sleep while cuddling my teddy. Since my childhood I have grown up in an environment where I did not have any necessity to change they way I was. It wasn't until I had to face the challenging situation associated with my admission to college that this changed. People judge you at the first meeting, tag you with different names, isolate you and make you lose your confidence for being an introvert.

The world is designed in such a way where different kinds of people exist and each one of us must accept the way others are. With that being conveyed, people are always drawn to a bubbly personality, but we forget that there are a few who keep private until you approach them. The world doesn’t seem to accept people who are different, they are quite comfortable with stereotyped personalities and try to demean the ones who seem to be slightly different. I am of those different people, an introvert, and once I got my admission into college, I felt like I couldn’t speak to anyone. I was all alone for most days in college and with language being a barrier I really had a hard time. As the days passed by, there were groups everywhere in class, I got isolated by everyone and I soon realised I needed to take some initiative, speak to people and let my spirit be free. I approached people, started speaking to them and soon in the next few months I realised I was only an option for them and they weren’t the genuine people I thought they were. I slowly had to move away from the negative people as they were affecting my own mental health. They made jokes about me and I found myself in a helpless state. At one point, I found myself alone in my room with the lights turned off, with no one, crying alone with a deep feeling of loneliness. I had lost the charm in me and dived into self-criticism mode. I tried my best to be an extrovert, but I couldn’t. Being an introvert is in my DNA, it’s who I am. One thing I appreciate is when people try to understand my personality and make an effort to get along with me. When I get along with someone they get to see the craziness hidden within me. None of the people at college seemed to try build rapport with me and I ruined two years of my precious life struggling to make true connections. It wasn’t until one day, when I realised my importance that things changed. Everyone is unique in their own way and there is no necessity for changing your own traits for the acceptance of others. I realised a lot during these stages of my life and begun to accept myself more. The person I am now is completely different to the person I was years ago. I am a free-spirit, seeking adventures in my life, letting things go that hurt me, laughing louder and resonating happiness all around me! Loving yourself and loving the way you live makes all the difference. Introverts are not lifeless people, there is a charm in them that people sometimes struggle to recognise and often miss out on a genuine person or friendship. I truly believe that trying to conform to the way others want you is wrong. So do things that you are comfortable with, be unique, be yourself and the life you want will be yours.

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