"The neighbourhood could hear our harrowing cries"

Everyday is a constant reminder how precious life is, that life is not a permanent fixture. The truth is, we all don’t know when our time is up. This is a morbid thought but that is what gives me the drive to make the most out of any given opportunity that life may present. Personally, it’s about less material possessions and more about experiences with family and friends. This is still fairly raw but late last year in 2016, my mother underwent an operation to remove a brain tumour that was causing seizures, this was only a month after my husband’s mother ended her own life due to terrible external circumstances. It goes to show, even the strongest characters can break. I will never forget the morning the police called my husband the day before his birthday to break the news, the whole neighbourhood could hear our pain and harrowing cries. At that very moment, the realisation sunk in that my husband had lost his mother and our children will never see their beautiful grandmother again. All the loving support we received from family and friends is what got us through those dark days. The whole experience has made us more determined to create events to bring communities together to raise funds for charities that support suicide prevention & mental illnesses. Through adversity, we have made it our mission to support others who may be going through a difficult time. In life we all have choices in the paths we choose to take. Gratitude shifts your focus from what you don't have, to the abundance that is already present. Gratitude means thankfulness and noticing simple pleasures in life. Expect nothing, appreciate everything and the universe will keep giving. It's all in the perspectives. At this moment, our two children are too young to understand about suicide but one day when the time is right, we will explain.

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