"I became depressed & my life had deteriorated"

From a young age I was always active and healthy, mentally and physically. I was involved in multiple sports growing up such as Boxing, Kung fu, Gymnastics, Basketball and Netball being my most favourite of them all. My team and I were back to back premiership winners and runners up the year before. I had an amazing social life and was a very bubbly, a trusting person. My life took a turn from the age of seventeen. I had met my ‘first love’ at the age of fifteen and I was caught up in my ‘great’ life, although I didn't realise everything wasn't as great as I had thought.

Suddenly every day I was tired, I had no motivation to do anything or see anyone. I was sleeping every day until three in the afternoon and I became depressed, anxious, putting off social outings and experiences. I gained a lot of weight, eighty-two kilograms being my biggest and my ‘first love’ had broken up with me. I started waking up experiencing chronic pelvic pain a year later, throwing up, not being able to eat anything upon waking up. I went to see several different doctors, twelve in total, to find out what was wrong with me. My social life deteriorated during this time. Two years on after being told “it was in my head” and other misconceptions I found out it was because I had contracted an STD but I hadn't been with anyone since my ‘first love’ and it was attacking my body.

Doctors gave me a huge dose of antibiotics to treat it and thankfully it finally got out of my system. A year on I was still waking up in pain not being able to eat and throwing up after every meal. I continued to see more doctors, until one day I pushed for a laparoscopy operation because the doctor tried to prescribe me with ‘the pill’ to treat the pains. The day came and when I awoke from my surgery delirious and the first thing I asked was “what did you find?”. My operation conclusion stated I had two clubbed fallopian tubes and inactive endometriosis on my left abdomen. I had lost a lot of weight being my lowest at forty five kilograms but recovery was good.

However, it may of seemed that way until I started waking up in pain again days later, throwing up randomly throughout the day, all the same symptoms, I couldn’t believe it. I went to the doctors again and this time I had a very understanding doctor who I now go to see regularly, Dr A. McBain. She encouraged a few tests including lactose intolerance testing and a lot of other tests and it came back I was highly intolerant to dairy.

So, here I am today, I got through something I thought was going to have the best of me and I'm a stronger person because of it. I'm putting my story out there so other people know that there is hope, to create a better understanding that life isn't always perfect, and to never ever give up on yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise. This is my health journey and I'm proud to say this is Me ❤️

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