Yeah it tastes good, but is it benefiting my health?

It seems today there are more people worrying about the way they look, the food they eat and the shape of their butt than ever before. If you haven’t seen a ‘throw back Thursday’ or a ‘hump day pic’ from the ‘fitfam’ then you haven’t been on the internet in a long time. It seems we’re all becoming obsessive about the way we look, the food we eat and who works the ‘daily grind’ the hardest. Every morning my news feed is filled with another ‘transformation Tuesday’ of some wannabe rookie showing off his abs, or the latest fitness female fanatic whose life suddenly had meaning after she decided to compete in a bikini show. It seems everyone is becoming an expert on how to be healthy. Many of which have turned to social media to voice their opinion, share their advice and in the process gained significant online followings. Many of these so called social influencers have built sustainable businesses and brands. Not bad for lifting, lunging and wearing lycra. But how many of these so called social influencers actually are healthy? Aren’t they just hungry money mouth feeders looking to sell their fans a cheap deal on some whey protein? I'm not sure what it takes to get a perfectly sculpted body, bulging biceps and a big head, or a peach booty and some abs, but I know it doesn't happen from drinking cheap import whey or a cup of healthy tea. It makes me question the integrity, quality and value of products sold by influencers through social media channels. How much of what we buy actually holds substantial value or yields real results for us as consumers? Yeah it tastes good, but is it benefiting our health? It seems today we are being constantly bombarded with products to buy and workouts to try and it’s apparent there’s no gizmo, or get skinny quick gimmick we won’t try. We’re more interested and concerned with how we look than what we put in our bodies. There’s the old saying of ‘we’re all trying to make it’. I use live by this saying. Every day I would get up on a quest to be better and push harder in the gym. I never actually reached my goal and I still haven’t because the goalposts have kept shifting. I would look at myself in the mirror and think, ’there was always something to work on and this consumed me, all day, every day’. For those who have tried know it’s not easy sticking to a strict diet and for me supplements were my quick fix. They helped me stay on top my vigorous workload and regimented workout routine. I would buy supplements off influencers online with the preconceived idea that I would get fit and lose fat fast. The people I admired online looked good, so I believed them. If they took supplements and they worked, why couldn’t I? I’ve never seemed to get close to having the body of any influencer, perhaps I’m naive. I think I’m getting better at realizing that the way people look online isn’t necessarily what they look like in reality. It would have been nice if I had known this earlier, when my obsession to look good actually became a problem. I developed social anxiety, depression and low self-esteem which caused me to become socially isolated and withdrawn. I also lost a lot of money on promising supplements which I honestly felt failed to deliver considerably noticeable results, despite my hard efforts in the gym. I’m not saying supplements don’t work or that all influencer’s are carelessly out to make a buck. I’m saying be cautious, do your research and be mindful of what you put in your body. After all, if you don’t take care of your body it won’t take care of you.

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