Why is perfection is unreachable?

You’ve probably heard the saying once before ‘we all make mistakes, nobody’s perfect’, and this rings true for a lot of people, after all, we’re all human. In today’s society, it seems we’re all trying to balance the conflicting demands of everyday life. Making time for study, leisure, friends, family and work commitments. There’s no blaming us for wanting to escape the madness of life through our mobile phones to quickly watch a life hack video, Instagram story or comment on some political propaganda. It seems the only reprieve we get from our daily lives is through watching brain numbing content on social media. A fun fulfilling way to dig deep into the dopamine goldmine. We’re all looking for that social high or if we’re not looking for it, we’re seeking it from others. Marketers have latched on to the vulnerable minds of millennials. Many leading brands developing influencer partnerships to promote their goods and services. Businesses have realized that people enjoy reacting and want to be engaged. Business are utilizing effective marketing strategies to cleverly target their consumers. Most social platforms we know today are for connecting with friends and family, however there is a growing trend in people wanting to comment and review products online. Consumer behaviour is changing and people are becoming more receptive to influencer marketing. Many becoming inspired by brands which appear sincere, create an emotional connection and give potential buyers exceptional service and a positive customer experience. Much of the products sold online will get you a result but make sure you do your research to ensure your experience is a positive one. I think you have to be mindful of who you follow online and how it impacts you. There are number of influencers who I sense are simply ‘money mad’. They have cultivated a following and will do anything they can to leverage themselves at the expense of selling their followers a ‘tacky t-shirt’ or a cheap ‘beauty booty program’. I think the power of social media is affecting people more than they’re aware. It seems we all want to be noticed, be apart of this delusional mindset that says if we fit in we’re fine. A social anxiety that stems from online social imagery filled with 'perfect' stereotypes. It’s not healthy to be constantly thinking about being perfect. I know I’m guilty of this. Everyday I stared at myself in the mirror, miserable, I wanted to change. I was totally unaware that the virtual online relationships I had manifested with online influencers was heavily affecting my perception of self. I was subconsciously comparing myself to perfectly crafted pictures of people I’d never met. It sounds crazy but that’s the truth. It lead to an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and depression. I felt I wasn’t good enough and what started as motivation to be better, lead to misery and self hate. I hated myself. I wanted to be better and I couldn’t. Trapped in my own mind, I became addicted to other people. In many ways I stopped living my own life and started living through online influencers. I found pleasure in watching others. It became habitual to distract myself with other people’s meaningless moments of joy. I lost myself. I was so obsessed with wanting to be like other people, I forgot who I actually was. It wasn’t until I fell into a deep dark place I realized how much social media was effecting my behaviour and my mindset. Not only that, but my desire to be on social media became highly addictive. I started staying on social media longer and this started affecting other areas of my life. I became less productive and found it increasingly difficult to manage my time. It also affected my relationships with my friends and family. I tried to seek professional help but the cost of getting help was too much and it was so time consuming. Among my busy schedule I needed support but I couldn’t find it. I think a lot of people feel this way. It would be interesting to hear if other people have felt this way. I think it’s really important to stay grounded and always have an outside perspective towards the content you view online. Don’t take everything you see literally as a lot of what is represented is merely a distorted reality of the truth. People pretending to be someone they're not and I think this can be misleading at times, it certainly mislead me.

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