This is the team of people who are dedicated to making a change in the world. Embodying what it means to be a team everyday, we are working hard to make sure our core values are the values we live and work by.

James Hatchman


James believes everyone deserves the opportunity to learn the tools needed to self-manage their mental health. He believes in normalising mental health and innovating towards a new paradigm of mental well-being that inspires, empowers and helps as many people as possible. 

Luke Karabatsos


Luke understands firsthand the fear and stigma associated with discussing your mental health with those around you. But more importantly, he knows what it takes to be able to come out the other side, stronger and more confident. Luke believes Voice of Health can be a place for people to talk, listen and share their experiences, confidently and openly.

Minon Weerasinghe

Head of Development

Minon has always believed in giving back to society through the knowledge he has acquired. Being a part of something special has always been his dream and mission in life. Minon is excited that he has finally found a way to channel his energy into something special, and truly make a difference.

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